NAF Naturalintx Wrap


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Cohesive bandage
Holds dressings in place
Easy to use
10cm x 4.5m

NAF NaturalintX Wrap completes the NAF NaturalintX range and keeps wound dressings carefully and easily in place. NAF NaturalintX Wrap is an elasticated cohesive bandage that is wrapped around the dressing and sticks to itself to easily stay in place without mess or fuss. This NAF vet wrap bandage should be applied at 50% stretch for best results and should not be wrapped too tightly as this can impair circulation. Press firmly to keep this wrap in place and be sure to remove and re-apply daily as necesary. Please note that NAF NaturalintX Wrap should not be applied directly onto open wounds. NAF NaturalintX Wrap comes in various colours; the colour sent will be picked at random unless a certain colour is specified in the notes section whilst checking out.

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Black, Pink, Purple, Red