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  • £16.50
    This haynet helps to promote proper feeding and can save up to 30% feed It has a capacity of 15kg and is extremely tear-resistance and durable. This small-mesh haynet offers many benefits, including longer feeding times, prevention of food jealousy etc Mesh Size: 3cm x 3cm Colour: White S..
  • £12.95
      Made from strong polypropylene Tetron fabric with mesh over the feeding opening to help eliminate wastage Rope drawstring, eyeletted at the top, for transport and hanging Size: 68cm long x 65cm wide (27" x 26") ..
    These nets are suitable for either hay or haylage.Fine mesh holes ensure hay lasts longer and there is less wastage on the stable floor. Mesh size ;5cm(2'') Small 30'(75cm) long (capacity ;4kg) Large 40'(102cm)long (capacity ;6.5kg ) ..