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DeFUSE is a vitamin-based supplement which helps calm nervous animals. No build up is normally needed and once the level for your particular horse or pony is established - and this is the principle factor and variable - you can feed DeFUSE when you feel that it is required.

Before using DeFUSE for the first time, we recommend that you establish the variables of its usage in order to achieve maximum benefit.

It is not possible to give ‘hard and fast’ rules for its use, as every horse and pony is different in weight, height, build, metabolism rate and personality. It is, however, necessary to give guidelines for use and we hope that the following will assist you. The amount to give, as stated on the bottle, is an average amount, taken from tester’s and trialler’s reports to us over a period of time.

We suggest you try the product for the first time at home in order to establish the two main variables - how much to administer and how long it takes to work.

We recommend that you administer more than the top end of the recommended amount (which is an average amount, as previously stated) - as by doing this you will be able to see the level of calmness that the product achieves in the first instance, and be able to adjust the rate, more often than not downwards, on the next occasion until the right balance is achieved. A weightier horse or pony than the average, or a very stressed or anxious animal would require a higher or double rate of application. If you feel that you have given too much - any excess will be excreted in the urine. The guideline time for DeFUSE to take effect is approximately 21/2 hours. It has been reported to last between 6 and 12 hours. No top-up is normally necessary - but it is acceptable to do so if required.

The product contains no prohibited substances - it is a Vitamin, Amino Acid and Magnesium based supplement - all components needed by the metabolism to counteract stress and hyper-tension by working on adrenaline levels.

DeFUSE can be given in the feed, but to ascertain the amount consumed, we recommend the use of a graduated syringe or an Easy Wormer and feed straight in to the mouth.

It is necessary to keep DeFUSE at room temperature and to avoid extremes of hot or cold as this may adversely affect the product.

Supreme Products DeFUSE is now available in 4 sizes - 80ml Pre-filled Syringe; 500ml; 1 Litre and 5 Litre!