About Us

Welcome to Galloping Geldings - one of the leading providers of horse riding clothing and equestrian supplies in the UK - where we aim to give you an insight of our team, our backgrounds and achievements.

Founder, Sharon Goulding, took early retirement due to ill health following 22 years in the nursing industry and used her caring, outgoing nature, enthusiasm and ambition to succeed plus her 35 years experience in the horse world, to create a new business venture. Sharon’s idea for the business was initially generated from the need to help fund her rescue horses which she is passionate about. The name Galloping Geldings was derived from her son Daniel.

Sue Crompton was initially new to the horse world and met Sharon at a tack party; they have remained firm friends since. Sue’s daughter Tasha loans a lovely pony and keeps her mum involved with the needs of young people who have horses. Sue’s background is accounts and customer service.

We work very closely with Amy Fairclough from Saddle Row who carries out repairs and saddle alterations for our customers. Amy studied at Walsall Saddlery College and has over 12 years of invaluable experience. Amy is very knowledgeable and has worked with Master Saddlers from Jeffries and Saber and she prides herself on using the traditional techniques as well as having a passion for experimenting with new styles and designs. Amy offers a personal consultation and will come to see you at your farm bringing along her impression pad and is able to advise accordingly. On a personal note Amy has also trained as a jockey and has years of riding under her belt.

Also a long term friend of both Sharon and Tracy is Wendy Winnard. Wendy is our contact at local business Thimbles based in Tyldesley who plays a big part of Galloping Geldings. She is responsible for the provision of the Hoodies, T-Shirts, Jackets, Saddle cloths and Rugs that we supply, that comes with all the embroidery and sparkle designs that are so popular with our customers. Wendy has over 25 years experience as a seamstress.