Talia Gross


My name is Talia Gross and I'm 12 years old and this is my pony Suzie ( Seeking The Dream ,on show day.)She is 7 years old and 13.2hh. I've had Suz for around 2 years now and was over the moon on the 25th December 2015, to find out I would be Sponsored by Galloping Geldings.


 Suzie and I have improved so much as a team and it was proven last year at the Chaps Champs,coming 3rd in the junior bursary Championship.As well as winning loads of rosettes.

Spring Chaps show 2016,we won  junior rider under 18 class ,beating a few graded stallions and to top it all off I became Junior Champion with a picture on the inside cover of the world of colour magazine.

The good results have kept flowing this season with Chaps Champs 2016 right around the corner ,having qualified for all the classes.Hopefully the gsdood news will carry on this time.Thank you very much for all the support Sharon. :


Chaps 2016, just like last year this season has been amazing. Again suzie and I were talent spotted but came 2nd instead of 3rd this year!!

End of 2017: we haven’t done much this season but I have had three incredible years with Suzie. The shows we have done, Suz has been a little star winning eveything entered.

The first season with Suz was trial and error wrong legging and bucking at nearly every show, compared to now winning almost every class we enter or getting a very good place in massive open / restricted classes. Suz is the most honest and genuine pony teaching me everything I know about showing (not that it’s a great deal at 13, although I like to think I know more than I do!) she has won every single one of the 30+ champion sashes I own plus the reserve/ supreme sashes too.

She has taught me everything. Here is a very small collection of the variety of things Suz has won over the 3 seasons. Suz has now been handed down to my sister zara yet I will be stealing her for a ride every now and then!

Now to introduce our new member to the showing circuit, Duchess.

Duchess is 5year old, 146.5cm traditional. She has qualified for RIHS 2018 at the Royal Cheshire County show 2017, and we are very excited for then!

We are hoping to do some hoys qualifiers over the next few season too. As a partnership we have only competed at two shows. The first show winning 3/3 classes and coming champion. The 2nd show was Chaps Champs 2017, it was our first affiliated show together and I was very proud of her.

We won 3/5 classes with two seconds in very strong company. During the first day at the champs we were talent spotted to go into a masterclass, I had previously been talent spotted the past 2 years with Suzie. We were then chosen to go into the championship and won a bursary to spend on riding lessons / clinics etc. This was a very memorable moment for me and Duchess as it was our first evening performance and big achievement together.

Hopefully as the season goes on and we learn together the good results will keep flowing Xxx.