Olivia Oldknow

    A Little About Me......

As this is my first time writing a Galloping Geldings Sponsorship blog I have decided to start by telling you a little bit about me and my horses.

My name is Olivia Oldknow and I am a 15 year old totally home produced jockey. I started riding when I was 4 years old and got my first pony when I was 10 years old. My first pony was called Tom and although he was not a HOYs or RI pony I didn't mind. All that bothered me was having and enjoying a pony. As time passed I started doing some small local shows and dressage competitions. Although we never did any county shows,we enjoyed our small shows and  even won quite a few of them.Sadly ,I have outgrown him,so he is now out on loan as we cannot sell him as he means too much to us. 3 years ago we bought my second pony, who was an unbroken ,entire 4 years old ,Welsh Section C ,called Will. Firstly, we gelded him and then started to break him. In 2015 we started to compete him just at local level, as I needed to get used to him. Last year we started to show him at county level and do some RI Qualifiers.Sadly we didn't qualify for RI but I didn't mind because I was still bringing the best pony home. One of our biggest achievements was when we went to The Royal Cheshire County Show and came 5th in a huge class.We were all made up with this result,especially me as it was both mine and Wills first time doing a ridden class there.We also did our first working hunter show ,which we got a 3rd in. This was a big step for me because as alot of people know i don't really like jumping . I am really proud of how much Will has come on and best of all he is totally home produced by myself. Although  I really enjoy showing , the thing that matters to me the most is that my ponies are fit, healthy, have the best they can have and most of all be a pony (get dirty in the field). In September I got a new pony called Louie. He is a 5 year old Welsh Section D, who I am hoping to show.

January 2017

So Louie and I took a trip to a BSPS Show at Myerscough , for our first show of the season and our first ever ridden show together. We were pulled 4th out of 8 ponies. However , Louie did a fantastic show and didn't disappoint being moved upto 1st place. I could not have wished for a better result and for him to have been any better behaved. A couple of weeks after we attended Staffordshire Spring Festival where once again Louie was fab and managed to earn a respectable 3rd and also qualified for Winter Champs. Last week we had a change from showing and decided to do abit of dressage at our local riding club,Abram Hall. I decided to take Louie for abit of experience but it turned out he was an expert as he gained not one but two 1st places , with over 70% in both tests!!!!.  I am giving Louie a couple of weekends off to have a rest from shows and have a bit of fun but we will be back in February to keep you informed on our journey.

I would just like to say a huge Thankyou to Galloping Geldings and Sharon for giving us this wonderful opportunity to be sponsored by this wonderful company. Louie loves his new show rug !!!

February 2017

Well Louie and I had a couple of weekends off from going showing ,at the start of the month.However ,we attended some clinics as well as rented out an arena to have some funin.We loved riding in front of the mirrors and admiring ourselves.Towards the end of the month we decided to have a go at another dressage competition .Louie behaved impeccably and really enjoyed competing in an indoor arena. We gained a very respectable 4th out of 17 riders, with another high score that was over 70%.This weekend we took part in the dressage championships that we qualified for back in January .Never would I have thought we would have taken not 1 but 2 Championships ,yet again gaining over 70% in both tests.!!!   I was over the moon with our results and could not have asked any more from Louie , earning our first ever sashes together in one day was definately a surprie. We plan to compete in some one day shows in March , to help us prepare for the Winter Champs which are in a couple of months time.Thanks again to Galloping Geldings , we love representing such a fab  company.

The 2018 season so far.....

This season has been one of the busiest and most successful ones yet!Earlier on in Aprilo we were lucky enough to earn not 1 but 2 RI tickets.Being a home produced family this is such a big achievement for us ,especially qualifying our own Section C,Rhodbri William_who we have had from a 4 year old and have broken and schooled ourselves.We also had the pleasure of riding the fell Stallion Murthwaite Iceman who collected our second ticket of the season.

.Murthwaite Iceman Qualifying RI.

On to May ,where I had a successful; Warrington Horse Show.The day started off with a win in the lead rein with our very own Friars Heartbreaker ,who has had a wonderful show season so far taking many championships and then standing second with the Dales pony,Morelansdale Alfie in the inhand large breeds classes.The star of the day was my section D ,Lymbrie Razy Dazywho stood 3rd in a huge breed class.That was a perfect run out before our next show-which was Cheshire County my favourite show of the year.All the ponies behaved perfectly and our lead rein pony stood a fabulous 12th in the huge Hoys lead rein class and the Dales stood 11th in a big novice class.


We had a fabulous time at the Royal International despite no placing but we were over the moon with just qualifying for such a prestigious show.The week after, we travelled down to The National Welsh Show in Malvern.We had a very sucessful show! Rio stood reserve open mini ridden Champion ,with his new jockey Caitlin who had only had him for a week before hand.I was very proud of my big boy as he was moved up from his intial pull of 5th to stand 3rd in a very strong novice class.The ponies have had a few weekends off to recover from a busy few months.We are very excited to be competing in our first workers class together this weekend,wish us Luck !!

Thank you so much to Galloping geldings for their continued support this season ,our ponies have looked outstanding all season through thr help of your fabulous products .Myself and Louie love our new rug !!