Leigh Gleave

My story......

Hello everyone! MY name is Leigh Gleave and I currently live in Westhoughton with my horse mad family.I work full time as a police officer ,which I love ,but my main passion in life is horses.

Thanks to my mum and dad ,I have been lucky enough to have been around horses my entire life.I was riding(well holding on)as soon as I was able to do so ansd on my 3rd birthday I was taken for my first  official riding lesson and I have never looked back.

During this time I have owned some beautiful horses and I thank every one for the tantastic horsey life they have given me.In our family we currently have 5 horses of various sizes and breeds and we love them all to pieces.Here is a little update about what each horse is currently doing.

First of all is Chloe my 15.2 rescued (completely bonkers)ex-race horse which I rescued when I was 16.Chloe was so mistreated that we spent months gaing her trust and in time we eventually managed to get a saddle on her,after a long hard battle I was the proudest girl alive when we attended our first show.I showed at county until shr retired,she is now a lady of leisure at the grand age of 23 and will have a home for life.

Within the family we have a 14,2 section D named Flash who we compete at dressage,he is such a lovely boy and he is going to be learning to drive in the near future.We also have 2 minature horses .Dinky,who is only 30 inches tall has more attitude than any big horse could offer,he is my mums baby boy but trust me there is only one boss in that relationship! He has a definate case of little man syndrome but we wouldnt swop him for the world.Next is the biggest Diva on the yard our beautiful Jubilee,she is 34 inches tall and is 3 years ols.In her short showing career she has won many reds and Championships including Champion at Supreme showdown against all the big horses when she was just a yearling.We compete up and down the country and last year she  qualified for the Minature Horse of Great Britain Grand Championship and MHOYS where she won all 3 of her classes .Jubilee will be out again this year and we are very excited about the upcoming season.

Last but not least is my main man Rio!Hes ID xTB and I bought Rio when he was just 2 days old.As a yaerling I showed him inhand,he was unbeaten as a yearling and in his first year he made me prouder than I ever thought possible.We continued to show as a 2 &3 year old winning many Supremes and Championships,including Sports Horse of Great Britain young stock .When Rio turned 4 years old the fun really began with our first year under saddle.He took Champion at theFestival of Champions and at Supreme Showdown and we started our county career.We also started competing at dressage gaining70% +.Rio is now 7 years old and standing at 17 hands.We have been competing in dressage competitions over the winter and we have qualified for the winter championshipsa which we are attending this weekend.We will be back out showing this season competeing in LW hunter and riding horse classes.

Our horses are our babies and they make us proud every day.I find myself to be very lucky to have so many lovely horses in my lfe and I am honoured that Galloping Geldings has given me the opportunity to share them with you.I proudly wear my Galloping Geldings logo up and down the country whether it be competing ,grooming or training.Sharon is always there to help,no matter how busy she might be and I am so excited to be part of her Galloping Geldings team.xx

Well we've been out competing over the last week and i'm pleased to report some good results.On Saturday Rio and I went to the dressage Winter Championships which we qualified for in November.Rio went really well in our test and I was so pleased to be called back into the arena where we were placed 3rd with a score of 73% ,it was a great end to our winter dresage session.

The following Sunday was the first show of the season for Rio and Dinky.It was so windy and the hailstone was horrendous but luckily the horses behaved impeccably and we survived the day without any major hiccups (apart from the odd haynet blowing away).At the end of the show Dinky came away with 2 x 1st and a 3rd and Rio came away with 2 x 1st and a 2nd.We couldnt have asked for more from our boys and it was the perfect start to the show season.

As well as horses my sister also shows and breeds poultry and we currently have 21 fertile Serama eggs which are due to hatch over the next 2 weeks.Some of these chicks will hopefully join her show stock so it's a very exciting time in the Gleave house at the moment as we wait for these babies to hatch.x


What a busy time we've had since my last update:

Our baby chicks have hatched.....They're so cute!They are growing so fast and we can't wait for them to grow their feathers ready for the show season.

Meanwhile Rio and I were at our second show this week ,where we got placed 1st Light weight hunter and 2nd in the Riding Horse class.We finished the day by wnning Reseve Champion in both sections ,so a very good day for my boy.

The day after was a completely different type of showing as i went with my sister to a poultry show (much easier than showing horses I have to say).We had a great da and my sister won all 5 of her classes.She recieved some lovely rosettes and positive comments from the judges,were so happy that the poultry season has started on a high.

At work I recieved my exam results and found that I have passed my sergents exam!It is one of the hardest exams I have done and I am so relieved to have passed so I can now move on to the next stage of my promotion.It's been a hard and tiring six months of revision ,but thankfully it was all worth it in the end.

Yesterday Jubilee was at her first qualifier of the season at area 2b.This is always a big show with a huge amount of competition,but to be honest with it being her first show of the year we were just hoping that she behaved.She was a little excited to start but soon settled down winning 1st Hack Type ,1st Part Bred,1st Broken Colour and 2nd Youngstock.She qualified for the Royal International and MHOYS,Jubilee finished the day off by taking Resever Champion of the show.x

July 2015

Today we left the horses at home in the field as we headed to Great Harwood Show.We arrived

early to put the chickens in theur pens and get them ready for judging .Whilst the judging took place we had a brilliant day getting involved in the activities and i wore my ''Galloping Geldings'' jacket around the show ground.Whe the judging was over we returned to the poultry tent andwe were so pleased to see that we had won 1st Seerama Cockerel,2nd & 4th Serama hen and 2nd & 4th in the modern game hen class.To top the day off my dog Alfie won 4th place in his breed class.It was a lovely day and a lovely show.

Yesterday we were back out wit the horses and rio and I had a fantastic day showing.Rio won his huge riding horse class and the lightweight hunter class.After a long and busy day I was over the moon when we were placed Reserve Riding Hourse/hack/Show horseChampion and then Supreme Hunter Champion.So pleased with Rio and I think he's going to have some well deserved time off.

Well the poultry season is in full flow at the moment and we have hadd three county shows in the last two weeks.On saturday we were at Todmorden county show ,where we got 1st,2nd & 3rd in the Modern game hen and 1st Modern game cockerel.The hen went onto win 'Best of Breed'with he cockerel winning 'Best Opposite Sex'.On Tuesday we went to Cheshire show(one of my favourites)where there was massive amoounts of enteries,we really enjoyed the show and met some lovely people.After a long 6 hours judging we were very pleased when we found out we got 1st and 2nd Modern game hen ,2nd Serema Cockerel.4th Serema hen,1st three tented eggs,4th supreme bantam egg ,a very good show and we are already excited for next year.

Sunday was Bury County Show which brought us another good day,we got 1st Serema Cockerel and he also won 'Best of Breed,1st ,2nd & 3rd Modern game hen and 2nd Modern game cockerel and three 2nds in the egg classes.We have had a very busy month and August is looking busy too as Rio will be competing at dressage.


July 1st 2016

~~Well it’s been a while since my last update and this is a very different update to what I would
normally be writing as I’m expecting our first baby!!! We are all so excited and they are due to arrive
in the next 24 days.  We don’t know whether we’re having a boy or a girl as we are leaving it a
surprise but I have no doubt that they’ll be the next Galloping Geldings mascot of the future. 
Due to my pregnancy I’ve been banned from riding (which I tried to argue against, but common
sense prevailed) and I’ve not been in the saddle since October last year, but the no riding rule is
absolutely killing me and I can’t wait to ride again.  On the other hand I think the horses are rather
enjoying their time off and don’t seem to be missing it at all. I did get a few funny looks from Rio for
the first few weeks when I kept arriving at the stables without his tack but he seems to be making
the most of it out in the field.
As soon as the baby arrives I plan to be back riding and I aim to be competing in the winter dressage
events later in the year