Ellie Taylor

Hello I'm Ellie,16 and from Maghull in Liverpool! And a very proud sponsored rider for Galloping Geldings!

I have been sponsored for nearly 2 years now by Sharon and have loved every part of it and so have my ponies.

I have a 13hh show hunter pony called Louie or if he wants to be posh Meillion Sovereign,who I have owned soince he was 18 months old!He has took me from the bottom to the top,riding at riding clubs back in the day to that of HOYs last year.It was the best experience I have ever had.A real dream come true!

We also recently got the new addition of Paddy or Buddhist Punk.A 14hh Traditional coloured who is a real character.I have only owned since December 2014 but we have bonded so well and I just can't wait for the coming seasons with him!The first few shows have been great taking Champion at his first .I hope to try some HOYs qualifiers with him this year and hope for the very best as long as these Gcse's don't get in the way!!!

July 2015

Well the season is underway and exams are well and truly finished ! I have had a wonderful start to the season with Paddy the newset arrival, who has been winning lots and lots and grabbing some great sucess! He wears his Galloping Geldings rug everywhere he travels and loves seeing lots of new places,his favourite being Cheshire where he won his ridden class (winning at Cheshire has always been a goal of mine) and was 2nd in the inhand with massive classes!!

Louie has also been out this season which was a shock for us all as we didn't think he would be up for it this season but he has proved us wrong ,winning at both Warrington and Aintree Nationals and hoping to go to Equifest with him later this year!!

Thank-you for taking the time to read my latest blog ,hopefully the good results keep flowing!

Thank-you for everything Galloping Geldings :-)

Until next time, Ellie .xxx


June 2016
So they show season is in full swing after all exams are finished we are back out showing finally!!

This season is mainly Paddys time to shine (Buddhist Punk) as we are focusing to get more miles on the clock! We started the season with a few RIHS qualifiers where we had some good results a 4th/5th/6th out of what seems millions of patchy ponies every time and also gaining scores in the 40's each time!!

Our latest trip out was to amateur of the year where we where 3rd in both big classes and Paddy performed like a pro even if we did think we where going to melt in the heat!!

Due to the pretty slow start to the season we have lots lined up for the coming month including supreme showdown, Cheshire county, aintree nationals and even a few HOYS qualifiers to have a go at!

But we can't forget about Louie (Mellion Sovereign) who has just turned 14!! Louie has just been brought back into work and is fighting show ready so are hoping to bring him out very soon! As next year will be his very anticipated return to the show ring, as a veteran!  Where we wish to get him to Olympia, that's if he behaves himself as he is still 4 in the head!!

that's all from me for now but please be sure to click on our page for latest results and activities! Thanks again galloping geldings&sharon for all your help and we hope to do you proud!



Ellie Taylor with Buddhist Punk & Meillion Sovereign:

The season started rather early for us this year with outings in January to Aintree with both of the ponies Paddy and Louie, it was a great start with Louie winning his inhand and ridden class on his first debut as a veteran and Paddy winning his class and going Champion Ridden! From March we have started to compete in RIHS qualifiers where the first one was in York , one of the coldest and rainiest days! He was pulled 3rd and ended 4th in a big class from a little blip in the conformation stage!

However our next trip was to Myerscough for our next qulaifier to our surprise we were pulled top and stayed top to qulify for the Royal International.!!! Making one of mine and my mums dreams come true, as it was an open class with very few amateurs.We then had to take a break for a while as I had my A level exams in order for me to get into university in September so we didn't show until the begining of July, with the exception of Cheshire, where Louie was a 6th in a big veteran 2nd round qualifier.!

Then after a few holidays it was time to trek the neaar 7hr drive to RIHS - Hickstead with friends and Paddy.It was one of the best experiences ever Paddy was so well behaved and gave me one of his best rides evvveerrr!

Our next planned outing is CHAPS Championships next month which we are looking forward to.

I would like to say a huge Thank you to Sharon at Galloping geldings for the endless support and for always being there for me since the start!.And for her thoughtfulness towards us and everyone!.Here's to a good end of season.xxxx