Elishia Melynk

My name is Elishia and I am 21 years old and have been riding most of my life.I have 3 lovely horses Leo,Enya and Izzy.

Leo is my 14hd hunter pony who I've had since I was 13 years old,I do abit of jumpimg with him and am trying to get him out to some hunts in September.

Enya is my 2 year old , will be a small hunter I plan to get her out next year when she is 3 inhand she has won abit as a yearling and youngstock,I am soo excited for her future.

Izzy we have bred ourselves and she is my County level horse. Last year was her novice season ,and this year we have fulfilled one of my lifre long dreams to compete at HOY'S and RIHS She gained 7th at RIHS in the amateur hacks and now i am just prepping her for HOY'S.am soo excited.

Thanks to Galloping Geldings for all your help and support throughout the season, with things big or small ,truly are there for everything you could every dream of.Thank you for supporting me.xx

We are proud to offer Elishia Melynk sponsorship for the 2017 season.